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stop-lookout-click Asked: Seus desenhos são maravilhosos <3 Parabéns!

Thank you! :’3

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Drawing of Jared Leto and my friend Rodolfo on stage in Milan (02.11.13). Yes, he’s the guy saying “It’s the life” at the beginning of Do or Die! :D

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Sorry for not posting, I’m not in the mood to draw in this period :( btw, you can follow my personal blog maybe~

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xstevenrogers Asked: yuo are so fucking talented <3

aw omg thank you ♥

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theresaparadoxbeneathme Asked: how do you even art? I love your drawings!! They kinda make me want to throw all of my drawings out the window lol. You're very talented. What tools do you use?

haa omg thank you and no, never give up!! just keep trying, I still learn everyday :) I use different things, but mostly a 2/3B pencil (it obviously depends) ^_^

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Jared X Rayon by me - pencil on paper. (original collage by fuck-yeah-jared-leto).

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sophiaaghoston Asked: Hi! I love you drawings! I saw your really cute school diary picture that was decorated with awesome thirty seconds to mars pics and I was wondering what the little cross symbol with three lines through it means. I mean the one with a diagonal line near the bottom. Just curious. Thank you! ❤

Thank you very much ♥, and that’s Jared’s symbol. :)

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ifellapart97-deactivated2014032 Asked: how did you survive after having Leto stare at you for a whole 3 seconds?! <3

Haaa believe me, I really don’t know. ♥️

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i-cant-because-food Asked: Hey,i know your instagram and now i found out your Tumblr link and it is wonderful ! You are so beautiful ! I love the colour of your hair sooo much! Xo

Thank you very much ♥ xx

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Drawing left to my boys on november 2, at the Milan show. ♥

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lostinthecityofangeles Asked: And oh my god your drawings! They're flawless! <33


Thank you so much ♥♥ If you like them you can follow my drawing blog here or my DeviantArt. :3

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You know who..

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my marstattoo~

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captainhowdyy Asked: Love your stuff!

Thank you!! :)

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Just “redesigned” part of this picture because I had to. Enjoy!

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